About Our Nonprofit

What is A Stage Reborn?

A Stage Reborn is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation based in Washington state. We are a tax-exempt charitable organization with a focus on the arts, literature and education. We utilize gaming and other digital interactive media as a new medium for the arts. We began as an unincorporated entity in October 2015 before formally incorporating on July 23, 2017.

Why does A Stage Reborn use games and new technology for the arts?

The arts aren’t always accessible to everyone, but every year more and more households become gaming households. Interactive digital media is a part of many everyday lives, and access to these kinds of technology is becoming greater. For some, access to the arts has been a new or lifelong struggle due to disability, economic status or just lack of opportunities in their area. The internet, games and transformative works connect us all in ways that can be used to provide new access to the arts, and our organization strives to build, refine and perfect that bridge.

How does A Stage Reborn use games and new technology for the arts?

Our organization is led and was founded by visual and performing arts professionals, gamers and others in creative and community industry. We establish positive relationships with communities and the games they play. Our resident experts identify and sculpt creative opportunities and organize projects that expose people to the arts as both a viewer and as a participant. We work to master the technologies and interactive media that can be used as a creative learning tool, then push to deliver projects that do just that, be it learning to convert life-like method acting into live video game play, or develop code that allows a choir to sing together from across the globe, we are A Stage Reborn!

Our History

2015. In October 2015, a group of MMO players got together and decided there was more to a game than time spent. With backgrounds in visual & performing arts, they sought to use video games as a way to get more people involved in creative endeavors. They began hosting costume contests and variety show competitions to introduce players to acting from within a video game rather than a physical theater. They called themselves Promyvion Stage, named after their in-game free company (guild), Promyvion. They believed the stage artists create on could be seen anew – an actor’s home, reborn. Just before the turn of the new year, they re-branded as A Stage Reborn!

2016. After running creative contests from inside Final Fantasy XIV for over a year, the group established enough of a reputation and following to perform its first major professional in-game theatrical production: “I Want to Be Your Canary” based off of Final Fantasy IX. This involved a very realistic massive virtual theatrical production set, professional staff and more. It was the team’s way of encouraging players to try out the theatre in a new way. The trailer for the show and performance itself was seen by thousands. The performance immersion was what you would expect in the real world — except it was accessible through the comfort of your own home.

2017 and beyond! By 2017, A Stage Reborn had received recognition from Kotaku, PC Gamer, MMO Examiner as well as other popular media outlets from the local gaming community like State of the Realm and Nova Crystallis. Shortly after the close of its summer production (The Worker by Walter Wykes) the organization formally incorporated as a Washington state nonprofit corporation. Another major production, “The Story of Maria and Draco” came later that fall. Shortly after the turn of the new year, the organization obtained its 501(c)(3) status.

Vision. Values. Goals.

We envision a future in which all visual and performing arts endeavors by content creators in digital interactive media, the video game industry and transformative venues receive wide-spread public recognition as legitimate venues for visual and performing arts activity. We aim to be proactive and innovative in creating and connecting our work to real-world visual and performing arts through parallels to make the arts more accessible. We aim to promote our economy, values and creative expression by offering opportunity and enrichment through our work, our scholarly pursuits, our history and our identity while providing the broadest possible access to our programs and activities for all.

Values. In continuing our mission and charitable endeavors, A Stage Reborn strives for these values in the work we do and the opportunities we provide:

    • We value the innovative communities from which creative content tied to visual and performing arts, including literature, has arisen through involvement in interactive media and games.
    • We value our identity as a diverse community with a rich history of creativity and outreach.
    • We value our volunteer-based infrastructure and the gift economy that recognizes and celebrates worth in the variety of activities we conduct.
    • We value making opportunities in the visual and performing arts areas as accessible as possible to all those who wish to participate.
  • We value all fans engaged in virtual visual and performing arts work including but not limited to fans of any race, gender, culture, sexual identity or ability. We value the unhindered exchange of ideas and connections within the gaming and arts industries.

Goals. During our formative years, A Stage Reborn has laid the groundwork for a vibrant and creative organization by:

    • Establishing A Stage Reborn as a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity.
    • Creating infrastructure for A Stage Reborn by establishing a board and creating committees, soliciting volunteers and donations, forming alliances, and holding elections.
    • Encouraging community interaction and input via A Stage Reborn’s website and across the online and offline spaces where fans congregate.
    • Exploring ways to make the visual and performing arts as accessible as possible through virtual worlds.
    • Creating and making available specially tailored arrangements of theatrical works for gaming groups to utilize in virtual theater.
    • Developing a long-term plan for the organization.
  • Undertaking additional projects relevant to virtual world arts, such as teaching opportunities through collaborations with small streamers, content creators, building and maintaining event organizing systems for use by fans, and sponsoring academic scholarship on virtual world arts.