A Stage Reborn’s V.I.P. program was created to recognize industry professions and community icons for their contributions to creativity and community. Our organization offers special benefits and collaboration for individuals, press, organizations and representatives of organizations that harmonize with our mission. We also offer opportunities to V.I.P.’s to share their contributions to the arts as well as offer speaking opportunities in our programs and activities. The V.I.P. program application and eligibility requirements are outlined below:

Optional; however, most perks are available on discord.gg/AStageReborn
When featured, we will point users to the content listed here.
If being sent promotional goodies, we will contact you for shipping information at that time.
VIP Eligibility. Thank you for your interest in becoming a VIP! The VIP status granted by A Stage Reborn is a limited status granted at our discretion for meeting and maintaining any of the following:

(1) a position of professional leadership in an industry relevant to our nonprofit;
(2) key recognition in a community in a way that compliments our mission, vision and values;
(3) special affiliation with our organization in a way that furthers our mission;
(4) individuals that represent a company or business that ties into furthering or supporting our mission; or
(5) media or press that work with the nonprofit to help in furthering our mission.

Opportunity to Redeem Perks. The VIP status grants all Patreon benefits with the exception of access to restricted Patreon posts. Many of these perks are only redeemable through https://discord.gg/AStageReborn however, so long as valid contact information is provided coordination for perks can be made through email. You may also, at your election, request and receive tailored sneak peeks, early access and other viewing related benefits such as line-skipping. Please note, if you have elected to receive promotional goods when available, we will request valid shipping information when an item is planned for shipping. A Stage Reborn will contact you to confirm shipping, and A Stage Reborn will cover the cost of shipping and the item.

Opportunity to Support Our Mission. A Stage Reborn will regularly offer and coordinate with VIP's opportunities to (1) join the organization as a guest speaker during a livestream or video made under the organization and opportunities to (2) join the organization as a co-host to help educate the public on topics relevant to the programs and activities that support our mission. You will have the opportunity to coordinate volunteering in this capacity. You will receive attribution, credit and recognition for contributions. You will retain any intellectual property and work product that is original to and owned by you during these activities.

As with all users, VIP users are expected to adhere to our same rules and may have their VIP status revoked at A Stage Reborn's discretion for breaking any of the rules on our website and platforms used. Rules may be found at https://asr.to/terms, on discord.gg/AStageReborn under #rules and generally on livestream platforms. If you have any questions you may contact us via Staff@AStageReborn.com.

Thank you for your contributions to creativity and community!