June 10th & 11th, Doors @ 5:30PM PDT | Show @ 6PM PDT
Diabolos (Primal), Lavender Beds 8th Ward, Plot 11

The Worker

A dark comedy and excellent learning tool, The Worker is a play that touches upon a broad spectrum of humanity. The husband continues to have responsibilities piled upon him from work and the wife hides a secret "child" (a doll) she's been "raising" while he's gone. As the play goes on, you learn that the man has a bit more at stake than just losing his employment -- his life's at stake.

Wanderer has performed this play in real life and is transforming it into a game-playable form as a way to teach and spread both theatre and innovative gameplay technique to the community. As a small one-act play, the set will be a closer "sit-com" styled set in-game. Come for the laughs and enjoy the show! You can check out the script free online here.


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