What’s it like to participate in a project with A Stage Reborn? First, there is no experience requirement! We make it a point to provide experiential learning opportunities which also means you’re going to be doing a little bit more than just running lines or controlling a virtual avatar. Each project varies, but our goal is for our professionals to teach you materials and tools through these projects that can be used anywhere you go with the arts. Some of the educational stuff you will be doing can be found in university-level coursework, and yes there may be some homework. It’s not about putting on entertainment. It’s about giving you a new medium of opportunity to build your experience in the arts! Commitment is a necessity as what we do is real life stuff, even if it’s a virtual project. Projects requirements vary, like nightly theatre rehearsals, regular deadlines for submitting voice recordings, broadcast block commitments.

Audition Process

We hold open auditions for projects like plays, choirs and so on. Each project may have specific requirements, but the overall process is the same. If you’re looking to be talent in an activity, follow the instructions below:

Send an email to Talent@AStageReborn.com with the following:

  • Non-Live Audition. A video (i.e., YouTube URL) of your character performing a monologue using movement, emotes and gameplay mechanics (abilities, items.) If you have an acting resume, include that too!


  • Live Audition. Request for a live audition. We’ll need your name, game, server, character name and Discord handle (of applicable.) If you have an acting resume, include that too!

Send an email to Talent@AStageReborn.com with a link to you singing any song of your choosing that shows us your level of experience. If you have a vocalist resume, you can include that too!

Submit a demo reel to Talent@AStageReborn.com and resume showing any prior work you’ve done if you have one!

Crew Calls

Many of our projects utilize crew positions to design and run the show. We may also have front-of-house roles to help with audiences, event check-in and so on. These positions are generally non-staff roles specific to each production:

Common crew positions include lighting operation, sound operation, set change, front-of-house (ushers) and stage management. (Running Crew)

Crew positions that vary per production usually involve design areas such as costume design, sound design, lighting design, set and scenic design.

If you’re interested in a crew position, email Talent@AStageReborn.com and let us know the area(s) you are interested in. If you have real life experience (or even just game experience) doing crew roles, let us know by including a history or resume of what you’ve done!

Occasionally we make crew positions permanent for long-term projects of a particular nature (i.e., a Project Liaison as stage manager.) If you’re interested in a staff position, check our staff page.

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