A Stage Reborn™

Center for Transformative Works

The A Stage Reborn™ Center for Transformative Works will be an innovative arts and business incubator hub dedicated to making arts more accessible. Located in Western Nebraska, the center will offer a collaborative space for co-working, livestreaming, and incubation services tailored for visual, literary, and performing artists, as well as small businesses. Our mission is to foster community engagement and support the local creative economy through comprehensive technical assistance, digital marketing, content creation, and event support. Join us in transforming the arts and empowering creators in our region.

The A Stage Reborn™ Public Benefit arts charity seeks support and funding to install an ADA accessible public co-working creator space within the Certified Creative Beet District of Scottsbluff, Nebraska. In alignment with the Creative District strategic plan, the outcome would be a remodeled space operated and managed by A Stage Reborn™ granting a place for visual, literary, and performing artists to convene. The facility will build to include technology augmenting the community's capacity to freely produce visual, literary, and performing arts. We aspire to see anyone create, record, stream, host events, store materials and supplies, and much more as we grow the spaces over time. Creators near and far would have a downtown heart to create their stage reborn!

Additionally, A Stage Reborn™ will facilitate virtual and on-site collaborative arts services, events, and offer technical assistance to help tackle the necessities for innovating the arts, such as arranging liability coverage for performers and spaces, creator conventions, consignment, internet marketing, cause advertising, communications to facilitate event rights, and much more. Assistance for individual creators and arts organizations would include but is not limited to:

System Administration & IT - Cloudflare, Google Cloud Platform, Google Workspace Admin, Microsoft Office Admin, Meta Business Suite, Github, Wordpress; React.js, Express.js, Discord.js, SQL, APIs

Digital Marketing - Google Ads Grant, Google Ads Grant Intern Program, Meta Business Suite, Google Business, Yelp, Nextdoor, Benevity Causes, Guidestar Profiles, more.

Content Creation - Varies based on capacity; experience broadly includes creating and sourcing artist content, utilizing all forms of digital media, indie and self-publishing, as well as enabling monetization channels.

Event Support - Varies based on capacity; our organization has tackled in-person and virtual event coordination, including collaborating, training or providing speakers, and is happy to provide the custom support and sourcing others need to host or operate successful public events.

Additional Support - A Stage Reborn™ team members are familiar with and able to provide more direct technical services such as the EIN and SAM.gov UEI processes, Secretary of State filings, grant-seeking partnerships, fiscal sponsorships, and more. This enables us to guide individuals and organizations towards additional grant and lending opportunities for visual, literary, and performing arts.

We hope you share in our vision. Help us take on your placemaking challenges so you as a community can focus on making your local Broadway very Broadway! If you would like to donate to or become involved in this program in any way, please contact steve@astagereborn.com or call/text (308) 765-3837!

Q: Where will you obtain funding for this project?

A: In addition to seeking private grants and donors, we're seeking State and Federal arts placemaking grant funding from the Nebraska Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts as our primary source of commitment, we are hoping to raise at least $10,000 to $50,000 of matching support during the process from local donations and sponsorships.

Our organization will be setting up a separate independent operational account for this project for all proceeds to benefit the Placemaking initiative. Further funding will come from eligible revenues for goods and services offered on-site, revenue contributed from virtual services like InCharacter.Me™ the organization operates, as well as seeking additional capacity building grant funding as it becomes available.

Q: What is the ultimate goal of this project?

A: The mission of A Stage Reborn™ is to make arts more accessible. By contributing and maintaining a facility in the beating heart of the Creative District that enables all forms of visual, literary, and performing arts to utilize independent space, we're fulfilling the vision of the district and our mission at the same time.

A Stage Reborn™ envisions a building on Broadway anyone in the community can visit, relax, and create something be it big like a black box theater production or a public access program or something small like a YouTube streamer who has the time and the craft but just not a good space to stream or needs guidance on successfully publishing creativity in a workspace. Add this to a space where you can go even to make, share, or plan visual and literary arts as well, and you have a hub that makes arts more accessible locally.

So much of arts revolves around a collaboration of local seasonal events. We would streamline downtown for content creators year-round and of all-ages to contribute to the visual, literary, and performing arts community layer that's already here by shifting the economic development and growth burden to our team to handle.

That's how we'll make your arts more accessible.

Q: How will the space maintain volunteers and staff?

A: The team currently has five local volunteer coordinator candidates in Scotts Bluff County to rotate a schedule, and the team has further planned to work with local business partners and Benevity volunteering solutions to continually make available opportunities to be involved on-site in operating the arts space as we're always looking for ways to incorporate internship and volunteer experience locally.

Q: How will the space be utilized?

A: In addition to modular rooms for visual, literary, and performing arts co-working, we plan to prepare the space for use for events, meetings, public speaking, and more! Similar to other entrepreneur centers in the region, we seek to establish the parallel for visual, literary, and performing arts to enhance the region's connection to each other through arts, culture, and humanities.

A Stage Reborn™ is a Public Benefit of Nebraska and Washington recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and as such, donations to the organization are tax deductible. Organizations utilizing Benevity can find us via Benevity ID 822040383 or Benevity Project ID 588334.