Our Programs

At A Stage Reborn, we believe in the transformative power of the arts and technology, blending them to create unique, educational, and entertaining experiences. Our range of programs is designed to engage, educate, and inspire participants and audiences alike. Here's an overview of our current and past programs, many of which we're happy to offer on a workshop basis by request.

Digital Theatre

Our innovative approach to theatre involves staging one-act and feature-length plays within video games. This unique platform allows us to teach the basics of stagecraft in an accessible and engaging way. Participants learn about show structure, marketing, organizing, rehearsing, and performing, all within the dynamic realms of virtual worlds.

Cinematic Production

Taking our stage plays a step further, we've ventured into the realm of cinematic production. By transforming our video-game-based stage plays into feature-length cinematic videos, we aim to captivate a broader audience, showcasing the creative synergy between theatre and digital media.

Script Adaptation

Where licensing permits, we've adapted scripts specifically for our unique medium. These adapted scripts are not only used in our productions but are also made available to the public, both digitally and in print, as a resource for others interested in exploring the intersection of gaming and the performing arts.

Reads:Anon - Cold Table Readings

"Reads:Anon" is our innovative approach to script reading. We conduct cold table readings over Zoom and Discord, which are then mixed down into a podcast-like format. This program offers a fresh and accessible way for participants to engage with scripts and performance, honing their reading and interpretive skills.

ASR Sings! - Virtual Choir and Music Theory

"ASR Sings!" is a program that combines music theory education with the experience of participating in a virtual choir. The program culminates in the creation of a mixed track, showcasing the talents and collaborative spirit of our virtual choir members.

Tabletop Improv

Leveraging the imaginative world of Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TTRPGs), our Tabletop Improv program is a unique blend of improvisational theatre and gaming. Scenario writers craft improv goals for each session, creating dynamic and unpredictable storytelling experiences. This program not only enhances role-playing skills but also fosters creativity and quick thinking.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Understanding the challenges faced by fledgling nonprofits, A Stage Reborn offers fiscal sponsorship services. This program is designed to assist emerging nonprofits in navigating the early stages of their development, providing them with the support and guidance needed to flourish.

Join Us on This Creative Journey

Whether you're an aspiring actor, a gaming enthusiast, a nonprofit professional, or simply someone who loves the arts, A Stage Reborn has something for you. Our programs are designed to be inclusive, educational, and above all, fun. We invite you to explore these opportunities and join us in this unique fusion of arts and technology.