Welcome to A Stage Reborn! As we slowly come to a close after our first year after officially incorporating, we’ve been hard-at-work getting ready for a lot of exciting things coming up including implementation of the much needed website update with that news feed Wanderer has been promising us! Yay! We’ll be updating pages with content and information as things settle so if something’s missing don’t worry — we know! You could always be safe and get on our Discord to tell us directly, too.

Don’t forget, “I Want to Be Your Canary: Reprise” opens next month!

  • May 25th @ 7PM PDT (VIP, Private Invite Only)
  • May 26th @ 1PM PDT / 4PM PDT
  • May 27th @ 4PM PDT (RSVP Required)

Platform: FINAL FANTASY XIV – Diabolos (Primal) Server
Area: The Lavender Beds 8th Ward, Plot 28 (Downstairs)

If you’re VIP or Press and didn’t get an email for attending the VIP show, please ping us at Staff@AStageReborn.com so we can look into it! Also, be sure to watch the official trailer put together by Denmo Mcstronghuge, one of our team members!

Known Issues. Other than the obvious empty pages, our volunteer and staff applications are down for the moment so please reach out to us directly for any inquiries regarding participation or working with us.

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