Happy New Year everyone! It’s midnight here at our charity’s location (Seattle, WA) and to greet 2020 here are the new major project announcements!


Introducting Reads:Anon, a long-term, episodic cold-read audiovisual projected aimed at giving voice-over enthusiasts, writers and costume makers an opportunity to show off their acting. You get to submit the materials for consideration. Our writers put together vague profiles of the characters in the literature for a random cast to read and prepare for. Here’s the catch: they won’t know what they’re reading or the character they’re playing!

Designed to be a fun ice-breaker and casual way of skill-development, Reads:Anon is a great place for people of all skill levels to participate or hone their cold read talents. Cosplayers are invited to attempt to portray their characters, VO’s may get mismatching role types they’ll need to be creative in how to voice. Some reads will be serious while others may end up wildly absurd and hilarious.

The content will be available first to donors as the uncut livestream to donors through Patreon where you’ll get the full session, discussion and banter. From there, we’ll be editing the recording and releasing the audio/podcast first to the public, and then later the video episode content to YouTube once edited. Content will be created and released on a backlog, so it may be some time before the regular content is released.

Submit your literature (original and suggestions welcome) to Talent@AStageReborn.com with the subject “Reads:Anon Submission”!


Have you seen our in-game MMORPG theatre on Final Fantasy XIV? Have you been inspired to do something yourself but you’re not sure where to begin? Play in a Day is designed to take the virtual performing arts experience and teach it over a compact 2 week period, leading to a single-day performance on any datacenter and any server. More importantly, we’re not running the show — YOU ARE!

Utilizing short one-act plays or original material, PIAD is targeted to would-be directors that want to learn how to put on a high quality show, but may not have the time to participate in something as big as a large-scale production. A Stage Reborn will help you acquire the material, set up, prepare and perform. We will work with you to bring your vision to life while also providing you lessons from an actual university-tier theatre education in the process. Come learn Directing, Play Production and more on a smaller, much more manageable scale for people with any experience level on any server/datacenter!

Those seeking to do PIADs on Crystal will be guaranteed a loaner house in the 8th Ward (Lavender Beds) and furniture to assist you for your PIAD. Other servers have varying availability though Aether also has housing and furniture available to a lesser extent from our team. Depending on schedules and availability of participants, some PIADs may also work into a One Act Festival/Competition to be planned later in the year!

PIAD is a recurring event so there will be PIAD opportunities through the year wherever and whenever you’re at! You get to run the show how you’d like, with your cast, your vision, however you see fit. The PIAD sign ups start in January so keep an eye out for sign-up announcements!

A Professional Performing Arts Opportunity in Final Fantasy XIV


After the success of performing A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we’re taking on the curse of the Scottish play and preparing for the opportunity to perform Macbeth by William Shakespeare on Final Fantasy XIV!

Working with real-life dramaturgists and professional performing artists, you will learn advanced theatre technique used in professional theatre and even Broadway by actors, directors, designers and more through the virtual medium. Rehearsals and acting coaching sessions will include university level training in character development, stagecraft and more.

While this performance is not going to be adjusted for the game in question (sorry, no XIV puns this time probably!) we are going to focus much harder on providing a professional education in the arts through it. This is something you can put on your college resume, audition information and more. What you learn will be applicable everywhere: real-life theatre, in-game event running and more!

We are also working on allowing participants to obtain legitimate stage credentials that would be recognized in real life performing arts opportunities through their participation in our charity’s virtual theatre programs, too, so actual stage actors are encouraged to join us in closing the gap between your wood-and-stone stage and our pixels!

Please note, this production is conditional upon receiving enough interest in participation from the public to fill all roles. If you would like to be cast in Macbeth, please email Talent@AStageReborn.com with your contact information and Final Fantasy XIV character information. An audition may not be required!

Have we piqued your interest?


More announcements are to follow with other projects still being finalized that will take place in and out of video games, or perhaps, cross over with both! Now where did that green-screening live projection page of the plan go…

Join us on our Partnered Discord for the latest announcements with staff available to answer questions about our programs and charity!


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