Are you interested in trying your hand at voice acting? Let us know! A Stage Reborn presents Reads:Anon, a live performing arts voice project where the roles and random and the script’s a surprise where anyone can become anything!

Readers of all background and experience are welcome to come read, discuss and enjoy performing arts literature with us. Sessions will be recorded and shared to the public but Patreons are able to listen in on live sessions. Those that read with us will get a special role granting them access to the Reads:Anon channels for participation!

It’s all done on our partnered Discord server to make it easy to get involved with few technological hoops to have to jump to do voice acting with us. All you need is to join the Discord, have a microphone and be willing to read for a role! We’re not worried about your quality.

We have scripts and we have roles so we’re looking for a number of participants willing to try their hand at a random cold read! (And sometimes the one-off planned reading, too!)

Want to join in?

  • Join
  • Ping or DM Charity Staff or Moderators for the role!
  • The Reads:Anon role gives you access to the Reads:Anon participant channels for pings when readings become available!



Help us in making the arts more accessible.