Greetings, all!

This week, we launched our Patreon page! We’ve included information about is on the public page as well as a short video showing off some of what we’ve done over time including clips and photos. We’re very excited to continue to serve the community through creative gaming, and look forward to a continuing to provide a future full of fun and exciting projects for you to enjoy!

So what does it mean to support us as a Patron? It means that you not only help us continue to do what we do, but also help us improve what we do! Every bit of Patreon funds received go directly  into our project, be it increasing our video quality, network capacity, production software, doing bigger and better projects, and so on. We also keep our Patrons in the loop on inner development and do a monthly Q&A to address any specific questions or ideas they may have. Consider supporting us today!

Please, feel free to follow and share this page to support us. Even if you’re unable to pledge and become our Patron, we’re happy just to have you help get the word out there about us!

Thank you greatly for your support!


The A Stage Reborn Team

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