Hey guys, Wanderer here! Oh man, massive wall of text incoming, but it’s a good one. It’s all about making sure we stay focused on the community’s wants and needs, so we’re doing a bit of QA.

I’m running a bit of a test to see what rewards you may be interested in for Patreon tiers for changes I’ll be bringing to the Board for approval on August 6th. Please take a moment to read my feedback on the comments I’ve received over the past few months. I’ve posted some Questions, Answers and Solutions.

I’ve also included a poll below to ask about some new rewards or current reward changes you may be interested in. If you like some of the ideas, give us a comment what you think it’s worth since we focus on what you’d be willing to give and less-so on what we’re trying to get.

Q. Can we have merch as a reward? Stickers and shirts would be great!

A. There’s a small problem. While it’s possible, we’d like to avoid using merchandise as a Patreon reward. Imagine paying for a $5 or $10 tier to receive a t-shirt. Once you recieve the t-shirt, what do you really get for each following month? We want to keep each month equal to give users a reason to stay subscribed to us, and shipping out a new t-shirt each month to you might not exactly be cost-effective or problem-free.

S. Solution! We know you want merch. We’ve been asked about it almost monthly now, even for outside of Patreon — and that’s where it’ll be going. We will be opening up a merch store for you to get some awesome official A Stage Reborn stuff through where a portion of the proceeds will go to us. 

Additionally, we’re planning on setting aside our own personal budget and stash of things like stickers, shirts, mugs, A Stage Reborn’s music studio CD’s (WHAT!?), play posters, bound scripts, paintings, and more. What are we going to do with these things? I don’t know, maybe a veteran’s reward system for long-term subscribers? But we will absolutely make merch available through your participation in Patreon, just maybe not in the way you were initially thinking. (And as stuff to give away at conventions and things we may visit. Fanfest 2018?)

Q. I’m one of the (~3?) that voted on the titles. What are your plans?

A/S. The name-of-the-theater thing seemed to be the one most leaned towards (even if they didn’t vote.) Additionally, now that we’re affiliated on Twitch, those subscriptions have names and a general subscriber Discord rank tied to them. I’m likely going to set Discord ranks to be names of acting spaces (from blackbox theatre up to the Palais maybe?) and then Twitch tiers be the “Lister” status.

Q. Will Patreon be tax deductible?

A/S. After we pay $275 and submit our 1023-EZ for review by the IRS, we’ll receive a determination letter. If we are approved, our Patreon pledges will be tax deductible and we will post specific information/notices about including it as a deduction.

Q. If I don’t like Patreon, how else can I give? Is there a reason you use Patreon, and what exactly are the funds being used for?

A/S. We accept donations through PayPal as well, see our website (www.AStageReborn.com) and click the Donate button in the menu or on the banner at the bottom of each page.

We like Patreon because it gives us a nice way to give fans something in return for their support. It allows us to give things related to Discord integration, collect shipping addresses if needed for certain rewards and more. It takes a lot of hassle out of our hands for a small fee.

Running a nonprofit isn’t free or easy. None of us are compensated for what we do. Personally I’m still donating to the organization mostly out of my own pocket for a lot of the filing fees, licenses and website/domain. 

Patreon funds have helped us with some of these costs. Your support on Patreon is what allowed us to become a real nonprofit. Your support on Patreon is what allows us to know what we can budget and afford when looking at expanding our outreach. Although Patreon is not the sole source of donations, we use it as a pretty strong benchmark for what we have the budget to do. Because it is subscription based and we can assume most users will stay subscribed for some time when donating to us through Patreon, you directly impact our decision making process.

Q. How do Patreon subscriptions compare to Twitch subscriptions? Should I pick one over the other? Are the perks equal?

A/S. Twitch takes a much larger cut of the subscription so we really don’t see more than 50% of what you subscribe for. Also, Twitch subscriptions are not and will not be tax deductible. You do get access to special Twitch emotes and the subscriber perks that Twitch gives you, including a special Discord rank as a Twitch subscriber. We’re also looking into, once we roll out workshops, giving Twitch subscribers a limited monthly pass to those programs related to the amount they subscribe for.

Twitch is still important. Subscribers tell us how our Gaming With programming is doing and shows us how much we should focus on it. The more activity we have on Twitch, the more focus it will get. Helping our Twitch grow and receive recognition helps us get out there and connect what our nonprofit is doing to a greater community, so even though the subscription amount we get from it isn’t as good as Patreon or direct PayPal donations, it’s still very important to us! 

If you’re an insane fan, you’re absolutely encouraged to subscribe to Twitch and Patreon both! If you’re just looking to help us out the most, Patreon or PayPal is the way to go.

Q. I like what you’re doing but I’d like to give you a bit more advisement on what I expect you to do with my funds. Is that possible?

A/S. Yes to an extent. We can’t really work with donor-advised funds since that gets a bit sticky with certain regulatory things; however, those that donate are the voice of change. We will listen to what our donors have to say. After all, everything that we do is for you.

Thank you for reading! Now, below are some options about ideas for the Patreon rewards. Please feel free to comment about any of them, add your own suggestions or tell us what you feel the value should be for certain rewards.

Help us in making the arts more accessible.