This video is intended to be a noncommercial showcase and raise awareness of our organization’s activities and the applicability of literary, artistic and educational opportunity in the arts through transformative use of digital media in alignment with our charitable mission as a 501c3 nonprofit.

A Stage Reborn proudly presents “The Worker” by Walter Wykes! This is a piece of real theatre — a dark comedy — that we’ve put on for you this summer as an educational study of the application of non-fannish real world theatre in a virtual space. Thank you for an incredible experience and turn-out! We’re very happy to be a part of such a supportive and amazing community!

The Worker is a dark comedy that examines humanity through a complex relationship so absurd you’d think you were living a nightmare, but for Man and Woman, it’s real. A woman and a doll, obsessed with a personal need for a family life. A man and his office, obsessed with the need to do his work or else. This play was inspired from a painting of a couple with their backs turned to each other, each seeming occupied by their own interests. The characters are universal, representing a broad spectrum of humanity rather than their individuality.

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