A Stage Reborn proudly presents “The Story of Maria & Draco” – a live MMORPG theatrical production based on the Final Fantasy VI opera scenes, re-makes and derivatives. A Stage Reborn is a nonprofit organization that utilizes video games in making the arts and arts experiences more accessible.

Maria – Zaynava Kitanni Draco – Tsudin Everrest Setzer/Ralse – Levi Talstag Written & Directed by – Wanderer Sabaku Governess / Maria Undersudy – Nanamo Ul-namo East Capt. / Ralse & Setzer Understudy – Xitra Lunrise West Capt. / King / Draco Understudy – Daniel Ruta The West – Dino Dexee, Ruruyo Ruyo, Shift Solari The East – Kara Valian, Greigh Asagiri, Pandora Bles Stage Manager – Noctis Nygma Ushers – Rebeca Watts, Joe Sweeney Twitch Camera – Jen Sample YouTube Camera – p2hang, Rix Yuaz

Our writing inspirations include parts from the original, the re-make, Jillian Aversa’s cover of the aria, and the FFVI OCRemix music.

Help us in making the arts more accessible.