We’ve updated our Patreon reward tiers! We have worked with external and internal feedback with careful consideration on these adjustments. Overall, we’ve actually lowered the subscription price for many of our perks! Take a look at the adjustments as follows:

$1 Blackbox Regulars
Rather than its original higher tier to get, you’ll be granted livestream chat immediately with your Discord rank for the initial subscription tier, a Reddit flaire and notifications for random goodie giveaways as they come up.

$3 Proscenium Friends
We didn’t change much on this tier other than title, so sneak peeks and leaks will still be posted to Patreon and Discord as they come up. We did make one small change though. Rather than being early peeks at final things, we’ve broadened these to be ideas, proposals, snippets of WIP’s and even more. Want to see something under wraps? Come ask for it!

$5 The Odeum Gentry
Originally a higher subscription tier, this tier gives you access to drop into the Discord [ QUEUE ] we use to pull guest speakers in on livestreams! Seeing a staff member play or do something you want to chat about? Are we in an intermission and you want to do a vocal shout-out? Here you go!

$10 Haut Monde Altruist
As exciting as being able to make and show off your own Discord emotes on our server is, we realized nobody was really utilizing it, so after making sure it’d be alright we made a change – possibly the most exciting change.

Have you ever wondered how we do the tricks we do? Stage tricks, writing tips, performance help, event organization, everything we do that you’d like to do too, our team will happily help you and be on-call when you subscribe to this rank!

For your charitable donation of $10 a month through Patreon, you get access to Discord’s #howto channel to Q&A us for help, special guidance and even photos or hands-on help explaining, showing and setting up how we do things!

$50 Commedia Dell’arte & $100 I Am Thespis
These are special novelty ranks for those who want all the patreon perks described above but want to donate more than just $10. (Yes, Patreon has a custom donation box, but it doesn’t tie you to any tiers. This makes sure you get all rewards still, too!) We didn’t want to just make these ranks without adding something though, so at our discretion we may arrange special thank you gifts to subscribers on these tiers from time to time.

Not on Patreon? What are you waiting for! We are a 501c3 nonprofit, so Patreon subscriptions are charitable donations that can be deducted and are solely used for operating expenses, programs and activities by A Stage Reborn. Our board carefully ensures every penny that we receive is accounted for, only goes to the organization and continuing our mission. Thanks for your support!

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