Hey guys! Wanderer here, and I’d like to reach out to everyone – not just our Patreon subscribers, and thank you for your support and following. I want to take this time to really touch base with everyone and really work on crafting Patreon into something you truly would like, and not just our idea of how it should run.

I cannot promise or make any changes right away, but I’d like for everyone to comment below with any ideas, suggestions and so forth on what you’d like to see for rewards on Patreon. Be specific as you want to be! Tell us what you want for rewards, price tiers, and so forth, and we’ll see what we can make happen as early as mid-August. (Well be sure if any major changes happen to give plenty of notice to current Patreon patrons – everything has to run by and approved by the Board first, too.)

Thank you for your continued support!

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