Everyone knows Patreon is predominantly a platform for creatives to earn for what they do; however, its platform continues to see unique ways to connect and support creatives. We’re one of those instances.

We’re a 501(c)(3) arts charity. We do creative stuff, but we’re different because our funds don’t go into pockets, they go into programs to make the arts more accessible. When we create content, we don’t do it because it’s flashy or cool. Viewers are great, but the whole point is our mission: make arts more accessible.

Donations we get go into the overhead that lets us operate as a charity and accept donations in the first place while providing tax benefits to the businesses and individuals that support the arts by donating to us. We have costs to be a legal registered charity like our virtual office and registered agent, our annual report fees and so on. By the way, yes, all your subscription expenses through Patreon to us are tax deductible, every year. 

Donations also pay for things like software our media team uses so our organization can offer virtual cinematic opportunities offering both editing and a performance experiences. This means we can reach out to educated creatives, say “hey we’d like you to work with us, we can’t pay you a wage until we get more donations but we can foot the bill for an annual Adobe Cloud, every app, and in return help us build and offer these creative educational experiences.” 

This is the impact. If we can do that, we can reach out to performing artists, professors and others to offer workshops that teach, shows that connect everyone to the arts and bring all that together in media projects that last a lifetime and more. As little as one permanent $25 monthly subscription can literally fuel an entire chain of arts opportunities for the public. The more often we can do more projects that focus on arts accessibility, the more outreach out mission has and the more donors and volunteers we can find to help us fuel bigger and better things.

Looking to the future, donating to A Stage Reborn will help us achieve even greater milestones in our mission. Many of our staff want to be able to do things like open sustainable local arts centers to bring accessible arts offline as well as online. On the executive level, we are pushing for the day we have the budget to cover the required legal hoops that allow us to offer steady paid jobs, including remote creative jobs, to creatives all over. These things have exorbitant costs and we need to provide the public with these opportunities. Nobody else is willing to do what it takes to get this done. We are, but we need your support to make it happen.

So what can you do right now? First, if you aren’t a Patron, consider becoming one. Next to direct donations, Patreon represents our second highest donor resource over the years. The more success we have here, the more others may be willing to support our cause through not just Patreon but other outlets. Second, if you’re already a Patreon patron, consider increasing your pledge and reaching out to us with the things you want from us. We’re very responsive to requests and while there are laws we need to respect with charitable activities, copyright and so on, we have an entire team that does their best to consider every single one.

Thank you for your continued support for A Stage Reborn! Consider taking some time to comment on this post with some ideas you have and some things you’d like to see on our Patreon in the future. What can we do to be an even greater arts charity for you and for the public at large?

Help us in making the arts more accessible.