Hi there! 

James, the executive assistant here. I realize that we haven’t made a post on Patreon regarding anything we are doing for some time, nor have we fulfilled some of the other promises that we had made in the past. I wish to extend our most sincere apologies to everyone that was waiting and expecting things the past few months.

(Aside from the Executive Director!) Since Patreon doesn’t allow a ‘team’ to use a page, everything has to funnel through me for the time being, until our donations reach around four-figures PER MONTH so… I wanted to take the time to interrupt this letter to also mention Play-in-a-Day which debuted in January on FFXIV’s Primal Datacenter! Look forward to more of these “pop-up one-act productions” happening anywhere and everywhere! They’re super fun, easy entry-level shows to workshop into putting on a live production with no big commitments required other than showing up for the day! And without further ado, back to the letter!

First and foremost, allow me to detail out some things that we have been busy doing. First off, closing out the rest of 2019 was a little more involved than what is visible, both from an exclusively public perspective and from even a patron’s perspective. I had a handful of applications arrive on my desk to work on over the holidays, alongside writing up some lessons learned regarding our production of A Midsummer Nights’ Dream, identifying some possible future production targets, helping flesh out entirely new programs that can expand our offerings, as well as trying to enjoy the holidays and keep things on the down low. 

Secondly, I have been working with our CTO, Pat Plude, on a new internal system that will allow us to better serve you, our Patrons and the greater Public. We have wanted and needed better tools in order to improve management of the wide array of tasks we handle internally while improving the user experience. 

One thing I do feel comfy talking about that some of our previous volunteers have expressed feedback regarding is SCHEDULING. Everyone that’s volunteered with us knows that dealing with rehearsal schedules across multiple time-zones can be a nightmare. While our executive director Steve Pederzani (Wanderer) makes amazing spreadsheets that are highly functional, they also require an absolute mountain of work to get setup and for each person to use. Once we are done generating and deploying these tools, we will be able to simply just have everyone input their availability once (within reason, I know work schedules and things change) and we can just push a button to know when we can schedule activities. 

We are still working on the cinematic cut of A Midsummer Nights’ Dream. While I do have an estimate as to when it would be complete by, I tend to favor the “When Its’ Done” approach because I would much rather provide the public something that is first time quality and not need to redo it a bunch of times. 

We are also adjusting some of our incentive programs. Effective March 1, 2020, we will be discontinuing the both V.I.P. and the Legacy roles while we re-assess them. VIP and Legacy were originally created to encourage greater active support of our charity’s mission, encourage repeat volunteering and collaboration between our charity and those previously involved over the years; however, we’ve noticed these programs aren’t working the way we had hoped, and so we’re headed back to the drawing board with them. Some of the features (such as past support, volunteering, etc.) are planned to go into the ASR Discord bot which you’re free to be a part of development discussion — just ask to be added to the private room! We’re also happy to hear how A Stage Reborn can better recognize content creator VIPs out there in an ongoing way that helps our mission while spotlighting your creativity. The VIP role, Legacy role, as well as channels #legacy and #vip will be removed from our Discord. In their place, we are developing a new way for those interested to show off their support for our arts charity on our Discord. 

Other programs are slowly coming together as people return from the holidays and are turning their attention towards the future. As I get more details about our future productions, projects and appearances, I will let you know. 

Thank you all again, and I hope that 2020 will continue to be a bright future for us all! 

-James, Executive Assistant

PS: Here is a sneak peek link to our “Technical Difficulties” video we created out of clips that would not work in the cinematic. You would be surprised how easy it is to find stuff that doesn’t work versus stuff that does work! The video linked will be listed as available in two weeks.

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