Calling all actors interested in auditioning for A Stage Reborn’s production of “I Want to Be Your Canary: Reprise” – auditions will be accepted from Feb. 1st through Feb. 24th 2018!

Auditions will be accepted in-game or via YouTube videos submitted to! The production will be located on the Diabolos server of the Primal Datacenter. While server visits for auditions may be possible, we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to get there (we prefer you to submit a YouTube video in these cases!) Scheduling live auditions may be directed in-game on Diabolos to the play’s director, Zaynava Everrest (Discord: Zaynava#4501), and co-director/script Levi Talstag (Discord: Levi Talstag#6248) please.

Auditions should consist of some scene or monologue that uses chat, movement, emotes and/or game spells. Please also provide the Lodestone link to the character you will be using on Diabolos (or transferring) if offered a role and provide your availability for February through May 2018.

Unfamiliar with auditioning or the process? Need help selecting material and learning macros? Please reach out to any A Stage Reborn team member and we’ll work on setting you up with someone to guide you! No experience is required to participate, just effort and time commitment. You can reach the team on our public social discord, or email your general audition inquiries to!

Casting will be posted a week after auditions close. Break a leg everyone!

Help us in making the arts more accessible.