A Stage Reborn was an Extra Life marathoner for the first time in 2017 along with a team of Final Fantasy XIV content creators!

Those that donated through A Stage Reborn had a chance to win a Paissa TAITO figure (pictured above) and of course the joy knowing they were contributing to an important cause — supporting Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Having our headquarters in Seattle, naturally we chose to direct our donations towards Seattle Children’s for the event.

The event itself was an ongoing Twitch stream where organization members Steve, Pat, Kira and Tristan split the 24-hour clock and kept the stream going while playing a variety of games. The full “Content Creator Team” included 24-hour marathon fundraising streams by The Crucible, Denmo Mcstronghuge, Maelstrom Radio, Musecast, Phoenix Down Radio, She Heals I Tank and Gamer Escape (the host of it all!) A recap of the giveaways from all of the team’s channels can be found here on Gamer Escape. The Content Creator Team was able to surpass their $5,000 fundraising goal.

Read more over at Gamer Escape

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