You may have heard the bad news, but the Stormblood release has upgraded the game to a point that my work laptop is now outdated and will not function properly while playing. Because of this, I am temporarily unable to continue working on current projects in-game (the jump maze, the FFVI play, etc.) until I can get a replacement.

If you are willing and able, I am looking for support to help me replace this so I can quickly get to work on our 4.0 plans. I’m not currently in a situation that would let me replace it myself, at least not in the next two to three months at least. To keep this campaign separate and distinct from Patreon’s fund pool, I have started a private personal GoFundMe to help replace my laptop with a new laptop; however, I do not want to just waste support on something that’s going to be put away forever when I’m able to replace it with something better in half a year’s time. I want to be able to do more for you, and not ultimately waste the support you give.

I’d rather not have the link openly publicized, so if you’d like the link to the GoFundMe page or know someone who is looking for the link, please send me a private/direct message here or on Discord (@A Stage Reborn #9810 or @Wanderer Sabaku #8165). Thank you!

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