This video is intended to be a noncommercial showcase and raise awareness of our organization’s activities and the applicability of literary, artistic and educational opportunity in the arts through transformative use of digital media in alignment with our charitable mission as a 501c3 nonprofit.

Now remastered with live cinematic footage, A Stage Reborn proudly presents “The Story of Maria & Draco” – a live MMORPG theatrical production based on the Final Fantasy VI opera scenes, re-makes and derivatives. A Stage Reborn is a nonprofit organization that utilizes video games in making the arts and arts experiences more accessible. For more information, visit! Be sure to like, subscribe and share if you enjoy what we do!

UPDATE: The original was taken down due to the brief use of “Answers – Reprise” music during one of the final scenes. Even though the piece was a derivative of “Answers” and the use of the song was natural as-is in the game through use of the orchestrion items in housing, it appears to have been too “out of context” and thus copyright blocked by Square Enix. After contacting Square Enix regarding the issue, we have muted the audio of that scene to address this issue in this edited version.

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