Update: Casting is closed; however, you’re still free to audition as a backup or request to be in the crew up until the end of the show!

A Stage Reborn will be performing an adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Final Fantasy XIV.

Auditions are open to players on all worlds and datacenters. The performance will be on the Crystal datacenter’s Diabolos server. If you are not on the Diabolos world server, don’t worry! You can use Lv.1 characters and World Visitation to participate as cast and crew. We utilize part of our Discord server (discord.gg/AStageReborn) as our “comms system” for live productions. If you do not use Discord and you are participating, please let us know so we may accommodate.

Available Roles.

Oberon/Theseus*, Titania/Hyppolyta*, Egeus/Peaseblossom*, Hermia, Demetrius, Lysander, Helena, Bottom**, and understudies.

*These characters may be double-cast to perform both roles.
**While not required, it is desirable that the role of Bottom is able to acquire the Namazu head armor for the performance.

The role of Puck will be performed by one of the A Stage Reborn Team to assist with the directing and mentoring of actors.

How to Audition.

An audition consists of creating a theatrical monologue (excerpt of a character’s speech from a play) of your choice using your character. Think of it like controlling a puppet. Instead of strings, you use macros, keyboard or controller work to move your character around, “speak” (chat broadcast) the character’s lines, and incorporate emotes, spells or abilities your character has to add action to the scene.

We’re not looking for experts, we just want to gauge your current ability. Cast and crew learn and refine their talent through the rehearsal process, so don’t worry if you find this challenging — you can always request advice or help from our team!

You can use any monologue of your choice, though we highly recommend doing an internet search for a short Shakespeare monologue. Here’s a sample website you can use:

When adjudicating auditions, we look at macro pace, movement, expression (emotes/spell use), and in some cases, handling direction. We’re happy to guide you through the process. If you need help preparing or planning your audition, don’t hesitate to ask our community, or even ask us directly through Talent@AStageReborn.com!

Submitting Your Audition.

  1. Option A: Live Audition
    Send an email to Talent@AStageReborn.com or get in touch with us over A Stage Reborn’s Discord server (discord.gg/AStageReborn) with your server name, character name, and availability. We’ll set up a time and come to your server in-game to see your audition! If you have a Discord, let us know your Discord handle too!
  2. Option B: Recorded Audition
    Record a video of your audition and upload it to YouTube or similar media sharing platform and email the link with your character name, server, availability and contact information to Talent@AStageReborn.com! If you have a Discord, let us know your Discord handle too!
  3. Option C: Attend a Designated Workshop
    If you attend any special A Stage Reborn learning workshop that states it qualifies as a full audition, then your attendance and participation in the workshop counts as your audition! A great alternative for those that want to participate but are worried about doing an audition. Please inform us during or after the workshop of your intent to participate, along with your server, character name and availability. If you have a Discord, let us know your Discord handle too!

Crew Call.

If you want to participate as crew, we will be looking for stage managers, audience ushers, lighting operators, sound operators and special effects operators. Please email a brief summary of your interest and experience to Talent@AStageReborn.com!

Will will post an update when roles have been closed including any further cast and crew need updates. Auditions are permitted even after auditions closed; however, you may be limited to roles as an understudy. What’s an understudy? Click here!

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