Congratulations to the finalized cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream! It’s been a long time in the making and we’re proud to finally release the cast list! We’ve listed the player names and servers for the cast list.

Q: I’m on the list! What do I do now?!
A: Here’s the steps!
(1) Go to and submit the volunteer agreement for being in the show.
(2) Make sure you’re on our Discord server, as we use that for rehearsals and show communications with the cast and crew.
(3) Make sure you have provided Emi#0003 and/or Wanderer#0001 on Discord your latest and most up-to-date schedule and timezone so we can schedule scene block rehearsals ASAP.

Q: I am cast, but I also want to help out with crew! Can I do both?
A: Absolutely! There will be some limitations (i.e., actors generally can’t do full lighting or sound operation at the same time) but we will work in opportunities for the cast to do more if they’d like!

Q: I’m cast/crew and I want/need to make a separate character for the show on Diabolos, what should I do?
A: Talk to Emi#0003 or Wanderer#0001 on Discord first since you’ll want to make your character on Diabolos using the same look as your current character (unless there was a pre-planned character model use that is discussed.) Then, create a character on the Diabolos server (Crystal datacenter) and join the Free Company A Stage Reborn <<ASR>> in The Lavender Beds 8th Ward, Plot 3. We can send you an invite if needed.

Anyone can join the Fan F.C.! What are the benefits of being in the A Stage Reborn Fan F.C.? Outside of the free use of buffs and extra room, it makes for an easy teleportation to rehearsals/shows and allows us to give you extra permissions in case you need to interact with objects during the show. It is not required unless your role requires interacting with lights/sound settings.

Q: I am not an actor but still want to help out. What can I do?
A: We’re still taking crew positions for lighting operator, sound design, sound operator, stage manager and ushers. Contact us on Discord or follow the instructions under “Crew Calls” on to get in touch!

Q: I am not involved in the show but I would like to visit the set, rehearsals, and have an easy teleport to get in line this fall. Can I join the Fan F.C. too with a Lv. 1 alt, and do you kick inactives?
A: Of course you may visit and join! We never kick, even inactive visiting-only alts. Just contact Wanderer or submit an application in-game at the F.C. (Diabolos, Lav. Beds 8-3) and we’ll add you in ASAP!

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