A Stage Reborn’s finale to the first ‘World Event’ trilogy, Apeture Lab A5R, is here! Delve into the dilapidated mainstage theater and conquer the challenges that await you. Put your creative gaming skills for some fabulous prizes! This event will challenge your music, emote, character movements and A Stage Reborn knowledge ending with a massive real-time and tabletop RPG style battle against the A5R machine!

Welcome to Aperture Lab No. A5R (Savage)

How to Participate

There are a limited number of slots for Light Parties. Eligible Light Parties that have registered may come to the Diabolos server at The Lavender Beds 8th Ward, Plot 28 to queue up for entry on any of the following dates.

  • TBA

Please note, the event and Light Party entries may be streamed or recorded for later broadcast. You’re welcome to join us on Discord voice for your attempt!

Light Party Eligibility

  1. Party Up. Players may form up to the size of a light party of 4 players. We will prioritize Light Party entries over requests for teams of 3 or fewer. One of our goals is to foster community collaboration, so we encourage you to seek out teammates!

  2. Complete Extreme. At least one player from the Light Party must have successfully completed the Aperture Lab No. A5R (Extreme) platforming puzzle without clipping or cheating with valid proof. Proof includes (a) a YouTube video showing full completion sent to us; or (b) completion of Extreme under supervision of one of the A Stage Reborn Team members. (You can ping A Stage Reborn team members on Discord or email Staff@AStageReborn.com to send your video or arrange us to watch your Extreme attempts. Sorry, word of mouth, screenshots at the exit or other partial proof won’t suffice!)

  3. Party Registration. Once you have put together your Light Party and have one player that has confirmed completion of Extreme with our team, you can submit your registration for Savage by contacting Wanderer#8165 on Discord or email Staff@AStageReborn with your (1) player names; and (2) contact information.

  4. One Attempt. Players may only attempt Savage once. You cannot sign up with multiple Light Parties, sorry!

Light Party & Party HP

Your entire party starts off the challenge with a pool of 10 HP. The HP pool is shared so if one person loses 1 HP, everyone loses 1 HP. The prize credit each person is eligible to redeem at the end of the challenge will be based on remaining party HP, with 10 being the greatest prize credit and 0 being the smallest prize credit. Reaching 0 HP does not end your attempt.

Even if your party reaches 0 HP, you must still complete the entire event to be eligible for the 0 HP prize credit.

The Minigames

Each room contains a mini-game that your party can collaborate on completion. It’s important to play as a team, as you will want to put forward your best team member for each question or challenge. Each room’s challenge will be done 3 times before you are allowed to pass.

  1. Perform Chamber
    A chamber somewhat reminiscent of I Want to Be Your Canary. Listen carefully to the short sequence of notes played. Either perform back in pitch or /say the notes that were played. You lose 1 Party HP for an incorrect guess.

  2. Trivia Chamber
    A chamber somewhat reminiscent of The Worker. A messenger arrives to deliver to you trivia questions that can be found by reading or watching A Stage Reborn’s theatrical productions. Trivia may come from I Want to Be Your Canary, The Worker, The Story of Maria & Draco, or I Want to Be Your Canary: Reprise. You lose 1 Party HP for an incorrect guess.

  3. Emote Chamber
    A chamber somewhat reminiscent of The Story of Maria and Draco. Beware the level checker! Watch the correct target’s animation carefully and try to replicate the emote or /say what it is. If the level checker is ON, the correct animation is the target to your left (+) and if the level check is OFF, the correct animation is the target to your right (-) side. You lose 1 Party HP for an incorrect match.

  4. Test Chamber
    A chamber not really reminiscent of anything. There are three doors, but only one gives you safe passage to the basement where the final chamber awaits. Beware the two false trap doors! You lose 1 Party HP for going through a trap door.

The Final Battle

The final chamber will be a turn-based tabletop RPG style battle against the A5R machine. Similar to tabletop RPG games, players will roll for initiative and take turns to roll an attack against the boss. The boss has 10 HP total.

On your turn, you will /random for an attack and the boss will /random to defend. You’re free to be as creative as you’d like with your attacks (emotes, abilities) or skip the role-play and just roll! If your /random is higher than the boss, you will successfully do 1 HP damage to the boss. If your /random is lower, it will have no effect. As a safety measure to ensure the fight is finite, the boss will take 1 HP damage at the end of every round.

On the boss turn, it will broadcast in chat a hint about the attack. Just like fighting a real battle in the game, you will need to quickly get to the safe zone before the ability goes off. As the boss HP gets lower, the amount of time given to get to safety lessens. If you are not in the safe zone when the ability goes off, you lose 1 Party HP.

Exiting & Claiming Prizes

Open the Social – Housing menu and select return to the front door to appear at the exit. The A Stage Reborn Team will coordinate with each member for claiming their prize. Each player’s prize credit is based off the final remaining Party HP. Players will be informed what they may redeem. The prize credit list will be posted after participating Light Party registration is complete.

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