The A Stage Reborn Team has managed to unlock a path that leads directly to the monstrous robot beneath The Lavender Beds 8th Ward, Plot 28 on the Diabolos (Crystal) realm in Final Fantasy XIV! Stop by and get creative with /gpose, abilities, emotes and object clipping to get your best boss battle scene!

To submit your photo(s) to the contest you must post them on our Discord server ( under the #prizeroom channel before September 1, 2019. You can submit multiple screenshots, but only 1 will be considered. Please include how you’d like to be credited (i.e., in #news, on Twitter, Facebook) in your submission. You will need to have DMs enabled and be a on our Discord server to win as we’ll be reaching out to you from there!

One winner will be selected early September and be gifted 1 month of Discord Nitro, on us! We’ll also announce and share the winner and screenshot on our Discord server and social media.

A Stage Reborn has revamped its World Events too! Every month, we will host a new contest like this one through our Discord hub. Be sure to join it in case you miss this one! There will be contests involving multiple games, platforms, creative forms and more! Come join us in bringing together creativity and community!

Our Savage version of A5R will take a bit longer to come out due to focusing on A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Want to tackle an even more challenging competition with more prizes in the future? Read up on Aperture Lab No. A5R (Savage).

CHECK OUT THE PROMOTIONAL SCREENSHOTS BELOW! SPECIAL THANKS! | From Our Team | Moon, Dexee, Nana | From the Community | Diabolos | Mason Killion | Mateus | Estelle Belrose | Balmung | Grundy Byrde, Katiti Kati | Ultros | Yume Aawkot

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