This September, A Stage Reborn returns with a well-known comedy by William Shakespeare – A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Working together with a variety of talent among gamers and professional performing artists, A Stage Reborn collaborates with members of the Final Fantasy XIV community on-stage to give people an opportunity to experience historic theatre in a new way. The performance information is as follows:

September 27th (FRI) & 28th (SAT) at 6:30PM PDT.
September 29th (SUN) at 12:00PM PDT and 2:00PM PDT.

Running Time: Approx. 2 Hours.
There may be slight overlap on Sunday’s performance.
Watch it live on!
RSVP on Facebook (Optional)

You can watch the performance 100% free of charge, no RSVP required! Just follow and tune in to during the show times! Also check our charity’s recently partnered Discord server ( for all the latest news and chat with other creatives, gamers and supporters! We’ll be working on a trailer, recording and cinematic to go onto our YouTube later.

How does Shakespeare theatre in Final Fantasy XIV work? We use the in-game macro system, emotes, spells/abilities and housing system to create a stage performance. We use Discord the same as you would use hard-wired comms in a real theater venue to call out cues. Even with the limitations of a video game, the actors learn real life acting techniques through the rehearsal process like utilization of Laban efforts and Stanislavski’s Magic If. We have volunteers and staff with expertise in stage acting and Shakespeare to help teach the historic significance of the literature as well as how to tackle metered speech. Our nonprofit uses its professional visual and performing arts knowledge to not just put on a neat show, but to teach literature and the arts in a new way. Our goal here was to make learning and enjoying Shakespeare more accessible to all!

Yes! We are a real life charity! Our mission is to make arts opportunities and experiences more accessible. If you would like to support our charity, you can check out all the many ways to support us on our Donate page. We also have staff positions open for those looking to volunteer their time behind the scenes!

Any questions about the production or our nonprofit may be directed to @Staff on Discord or emailed to Thank you for supporting the arts!

Official Trailer for A Midsummer Night’s Dream by A Stage Reborn (2019)

Interested in attending in-game?

The performance will take place on Final Fantasy XIV’s Diabolos server on the Crystal Datacenter at The Lavender Beds 8th Ward, Plot 3. Please beware, seating is very limited and we can only accommodate an audience of 84 maximum each performance. For in-game attendance, we will give preference to our donors, subscribers, Nitro Boosters, VIPs and +1’s of the cast and crew.

Square Enix staff including GMs have been known to visit and enjoy the event. You may be removed from the premises and may also be subject to adverse action on your account by Square Enix for purposeful violation of the following rules to disrupt the enjoyment of the game and performance in accordance to Final Fantasy XIV’s new in-game behavior rules.

This is an official event by a 501(c)(3) charity to teach and educate literature and the arts. There are rules to attending in-game to ensure a smooth performance. You entry is conditional upon the following:

  • Do not obstruct others’ views. Just like a real life theater, lines of sight are a thing so if you play a hulking character, please do not sit front and center. Please also hide character weapons or glowing equipment if your class has a large weapon that may obstruct sight.
  • Do not leave your seat. You must find and remain in an audience seat for the duration of the show except briefly for intermission.
  • Do not use public chat during the show. If you’d like to chat with friends during the show, consider only using our Discord server, or in-game private chat like Party and Linkshell.
  • Do not disrupt audiovisuals. Please do not use highly audible emotes, spells, abilities or summon minions (please dismiss any minions) while inside the performance space as these interfere with the production. Applause between scenes, and cheering at bows is fine!
  • Timely exits. After the show has ended, please make your way to the exit so we can prepare for the next performance. There will be plenty of time to chat with the cast, crew and charity staff in-game and on Discord after the show.
  • Courtesy if leaving. This is a long show! Running time is estimated to be 2 hours. If you need to exit the house during the show, please do not disrupt the performance by using the Teleport or other ability. Please log out and log back in to automatically exit or wait until intermission. Thank you!

For your enjoyment, the production uses solely the /yell channel for actors’ lines. You may wish to set up your chat log like subtitles like so:

See how to set up your chatlog to work like captions for our show!

Additionally, we strongly advise you to turn off emote broadcast before you forget and start to spam the chat log with /clap for applause! This option (Display Log Message) can be found as a tick-box in the Emote menu:

Help us in making the arts more accessible.