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Auditions and crew spots for A Midsummer Night’s Dream are open! We will continue auditions on a rolling basis as the script adaptation is finished. We will continue filling ensemble and any understudy roles as needed. We are happy to visit any server to view an audition, but please note, the production will be taking place on the Crystal data center’s Diabolos server.

UPDATED 2/19/2019. We will be running a LIVE PLAY project on Final Fantasy XIV’s Diabolos server with the world visitation system coming up. We will also be prioritizing putting on the production as a live play first over the webcomic portion; however, we’re still in search of teams for both!

We apologize for the delays — it takes a substantial amount of effort to re-write an entire production to fit the confines of a limited video game to make teaching theatre by means of digital mediums possible. Please bear with us. We hope to get the ball rolling with world visitation opening new doors to us in the Final Fantasy community!

Instructions for Audition Materials

1. Request a live audition (we’ll even come to your server!) or send us a video (you can email YouTube links!) by emailing Talent@AStageReborn.com, or contacting us on Discord to set up an audition.

2. We’ll take any in-game acting; however, we prefer a short 30 to 60 second Shakespeare monologue of your choice – you can Google search and find many easily! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, we’re happy to help you prepare an audition if we’re available!

3. We’ll need reliable contact info if you’re cast. Production rehearsals often take place during evenings and weekends, so please be sure you’re willing and able to make the commitment and communicate. This will be a longer show (upwards of 1.5 hours with an intermission). Remember, while we’re virtually based, we’re still a real nonprofit arts group!

Instructions for Crew

In general, we will be looking for a number of persons to help with running crew, lighting, sound and potentially set change responsibilities. We’re also looking for a stage manager for the production. Please get in touch with us as early as possible in the process if you’re interested!

We’re also looking for writers, artists and media specialists to join us in finalizing this production, putting together the webcomic and future projects! Get in touch if you’re interested!

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