Our moderators are non-staff volunteers responsible for engaging with the public while ensuring everyone abides by our rules and any applicable rules on the platform(s) used. For example, Discord users must abide by the Partner guidelines, Discord rules in addition to our Discord rules. Twitch users must abide by both our rules and the Twitch terms of use. Same with YouTube. We have an obligation to keep our community clean and focused on our mission, so moderating is a very important role with responsibilities! Due to the nature of what moderators may have to deal with, we are only accepting applications from moderators that are 18 years or older.

What are the benefits? Part of being a moderator means keeping an eye on everything, so you'll get to see and learn a lot of the behind-the-scenes things at A Stage Reborn, including access to the VIP and Supporter hidden channels on Discord and opportunities to learn about livestream planning, our public relations team and other neat things.

Our moderators are Discord-based, so please make sure you are a member of our Discord server before applying. If you're interested, please fully complete and submit the form below. We can be pretty busy, but our team will review your application and reach out when we are able.