A Stage Reborn LIVE!

A Stage Reborn LIVE! is a livestream program that gives you an inside look at some A Stage Reborn works, thoughts, ideas and relevant industry discussion.

Want to be a special guest to discuss a topic on one of our episodes, or want your creative project to be featured during our V.I.P. block? Contact Staff@AStageReborn.com and send your request!

At 6PM PT on the first Sunday of every month, A Stage Reborn hosts an episodic newscast to discuss news, V.I.P.’s, community and topics wit a guest speaker. Discussion centers on creativity and community. Commendations are pulled from A Stage Reborn’s Discord community self-promo channels.

Every so often, one of the staff at A Stage Reborn will run their own stream to show the public what it’s like to work at A Stage Reborn. These streams show WIPs and an inside look at the project development process from our creative, community and administrative persons! There’s no set schedule on these streams, but they’ll be announced in advance.

A Stage Reborn may visit or even speak at conventions and public events. If we run coverage of the event as well and our participation at said event, you can expect to see it specially scheduled on A Stage Reborn LIVE! 

A Stage Reborn LIVE! @ Episode 3: Roleplay Reborn!

This month’s episode invites Remix Sakura and Emi from MuseCast XIV to discuss what you might not realize about role-playing: RP and performing arts, RP as a literature and creative writing hook, RP as a way to raise awareness for a cause like Menphina Madness / Score for a Cause currently happening. Be sure to bookmark A Stage Reborn LIVE! and queue up Sunday, June 2 at 6PM PDT for

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A Stage Reborn LIVE! @ Episode 2: Talent Worth 1,000 Words

On this episode we chat with Rongi, Katarh and Misia about their group, Eorzea’s Neo Talent Management, including discussion about Final Fantasy XIV’s “Perform” feature! Be sure to tune into the episode early to catch this month’s VIP feature, Stellazzio Virtual Theatre, as we showcase their trailer for The Little Prince and info about the troupe! Be sure to bookmark A Stage Reborn LIVE! and tune in this Sunday at

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A Stage Reborn LIVE! @ Episode #1 – Language & Culture Exchange

A Stage Reborn LIVE! on YouTube Today @ 4:00 PM PT / 7:00 PM ET / 8:00AM JT Join us for this special airing of A Stage Reborn LIVE! Episode 1 where we invite Mana and Risco of The Odder Otter Cafe on Final Fantasy XIV to talk about how their creativity and community is giving the Japanese community an opportunity to practice English conversational skills and more! Also noted

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