Join the A Stage Reborn team!

A Stage Reborn is run by an internal team of staff that handle the nonprofit’s day-to-day operation. If you’d like to join the team, take a look at our postings below! Once you’re ready, go ahead and submit an application to our team!

  1. You submit your application.
  2. The application is reviewed by HR and forwarded to management.
  3. Management reviews the application and decides on interviewing.
  4. After the interview, management forwards its decision to HR.
  5. HR reaches out to you with the results.
  6. HR coordinates orientation and training with new staff.

Email with your questions about staffing!

Looking to just participate on a project?

If you’re looking for listings of cast and crew opportunities for our projects, please head over to the Talent & Crew page where we list posts with info and instructions on casting and crew calls!

Usually acting and crew opportunities are posted to the Talent page; however, sometimes we will assign a staff member to a talent or crew role for purposes of mentoring. We also occasionally take on staff called Project Liaisons and Project Specialists that are broad long-term roles based on particular projects, like stage management or design positions. Those special positions will be posted here.