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Project Manager. A Stage Reborn is looking for two motivated self-starters interested in handling management aspects of creative projects. A project manager is responsible for supervising and working alongside the creative staff (i.e., artists, media, etc.) on creative task delegation. The Project Manager works with planning and deadlines to help keep projects moving while also filling in the gaps on creative project where they may have special skills to contribute (i.e., art, media, etc.) Project Managers are generally responsible for the planning, execution and closure of project including supplemental staff and management of public participants. Other responsibilities include determining and communicating Program & Activity asset and resource needs to other departments or committees. Our Project Managers report to the executive management, specifically, the Executive Director.

For this position, we are currently looking for two Project Managers: (1) Webcomic / Online Media Project Manager; and (2) Writing Project Manager. Both positions are specific to the “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” project but the volunteers will be welcome to remain as Project Management staff after the project’s completion.

The Webcomic / Online Media Project Manager will be responsible for supervising and proofing the creative work of artists, ensuring that product fits the specifications needed and works with other management to implement the product into our website. The Webcomic PM will also work with the project’s creative director and media staff on capturing the production as envisioned for delivery in this format. Previous experience with Adobe Creative Suite and similar products is highly desirable in addition to experience in webcomic and collaborative digital art management. This role will continue as an Online Media Project Manager post-project to assist the organization with the creation, collection, archiving and implementation of graphic and art-related works for both projects and generally within the organization.

The Writing Project Manager will be responsible for collaborating with creative direction on projects as well as the organization generally in adaptation, arrangement and standardization of written works. The Writing PM will be responsible for the written adaptation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” into a “playable” episodic script with assistance from other management (including but not limited to creative direction and other management with related experience). A degree in Theatre Arts, Creative Writing or related areas as well as advanced experience with Office 365 products like OneNote and Word are preferred. The Writing PM may also have opportunities to assist in other organizational tasks such as press release and copywriting during “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as well as post-project.

These are remote, part-time volunteer positions. If you have any questions, please contact HR@AStageReborn.com!

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