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We want to make creativity more accessible and we can do this by creating or partner with other charities on creating affordable arts centers to give people of all ages access to virtual creativity locally. We envision providing a place of business for new content creators to get established, or providing a place to host local arts programs that are often cut from school extracurriculars.

Local A Stage Reborn teams would run these small venues to provide places for fostering creativity no matter one’s ability or skill level. Each arts center would vary in size of amenities we would be able to provide depending on the amount of charitable support given.

These arts centers would provide not only accessible and affordable support to communities in need, but also opportunities for career development for students and recent graduates through volunteer and work opportunities.

There’s a lot we still must do in order to get there. Want to help make this a reality? Consider supporting our charity. Donate today.

A Stage Reborn is a 501(c)(3) arts charity making arts experiences and opportunities more accessible by providing non-traditional ways to engage in traditional arts like theatre, creative writing, art, music and more!