A Stage Reborn's Casual Gaming Stream - Get to Know Us!

Gaming with A Stage Reborn was creatived to give our staff an opportunity to show off the casual streaming they’d like to do involving games, creativity and more. It also gives us an opportunity to let the public get to know our team on an informal level while also giving opportunities to the public to do something creative on a smaller scale that’s a lot less taxing than participating in a giant production or project with us.

Friday Night Gaming

Every Friday at 8PM PT, A Stage Reborn gathers together to put on a Friday night gaming event. We often play cooperative games, tabletop, MMO’s and invite our V.I.P.’s, Patreon patreon and even members of the public to join us. Other Gaming With streams on Friday may include Let’s Plays or special streams depending on what’s going on.

Casual Saturdays

Every Saturday at 12PM PT A Stage Reborn runs a casual gaming stream to sit back, relax, get some progress done and try new things. It’s a chance for the public to engage our staff in an informal setting and see what sort of games we like to explore! Sometimes we may run critical commentary, Let’s Plays, extensions of Friday Night Gaming and other content.

Want to get involved on Gaming With? Take a look at the opportunities below! While the content may vary, we’re always looking for ways to make our Twitch an open platform to test out your creativity, get to know the staff and have fun!

A Stage Reborn runs an ongoing Dungeons and Dragons tabletop that is open to public submissions, suggestions, ideas and content! Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the ways YOU can get involved!

  • Create and submit a map for us to navigate.
  • Create and submit an idea for a boss battle.
  • Create and submit ideas for items and loot.
  • Write a snippet for a story, character, history or other lore.
  • Make artwork of the characters, scenes and other content.

You can submit your ideas to Talent@AStageReborn.com along with how you’d like to be credited if we feature your contributions! We’ll give you a shout-out on stream.

If you don’t want to submit something but want to get involved in swaying the campaign anyway, you can just attend the stream live and listen for moments where we poll the viewers for what happens next! We’ll ask the viewers for all sorts of things like plot hooks, character actions, and more!

Sometimes we’ll run a collaborative, multi-player or other game that involves public participation. If you’d like to queue up and join us for this, keep an eye out for the announcement on our Discord and on Twitch! We’ll run a Twitch command that allows you to !join and !leave the queue, as well as access to a Special Guests rank on Discord to join us on-air and become part of the stream! Some of the things this may involve are:

  • Playing a pre-set character in dnd5e;
  • Running content with us in a MMO;
  • Joining us for trivia and related games;
  • Just getting a chance to chat and say hi!

Be sure to join our Discord server for this too!

A Stage Reborn participates in Extra Life campaigns and will generally run the marathon over Twitch. You can support us each year by looking out for our special Extra Life stream announcements, as well as during the marathon stream each fall.

We support Seattle Children’s Hospital as our Children’s Miracle Network hospital for Extra Life. Read more about our Extra Life plans and efforts here or even join our Extra Life team!

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