About A Stage Reborn

A Stage Reborn is a nonprofit organization making the arts more accessible through transformative works, digital interactive media, technology and collaborative projects.

A Stage Reborn was created to address the difficulties of underserved populations in a broad sense by tapping into a medium (technology, games, interactive media) that can be used to make the arts more accessible through creating and implementing transformative works.

We take the idea of a stage and give it a new life, meaning and purpose. Traditionally, the visual and performing arts have been largely bound in physical tangibles; however, things like theatre, dance, art, creative writing and skills that serve the industry can be expressed over digital mediums world. It truly is a stage for the arts, reborn.

While digital mediums make the arts more accessible, the means for participating in the arts through content creation aren’t necessarily accessible. There are still challenges such as physical and mental disability, economic hardship and even just the realities of life that may stop individuals from pursuing arts opportunities. Our purpose is to defeat those boundaries by giving a real-world arts experience to all participants, including our staff.

While game guilds can spread to multiple game communities and involve a lot of members doing things collaboratively online and in real life, we have a specific purpose of making the arts more accessible to the public and as a public matter, not for ourselves. 

We don’t want to just stop at creating neat content either. Our purpose extends to developing activities that bring educational opportunities to the public through the content we create. It’s not just about the fun bring to the community and have as a team. It’s about providing arts opportunities.

Finally, above all, we’re in it to make the arts more accessible to the public and not for any profit. We may do neat things like give out freebies, provide learning opportunities and software to our staff for work and run fundraisers to cover the expenses of managing and growing our nonprofit, but it all goes into the mission for the public’s benefit.

We’re a nonprofit created by the public, for the public in the name of the arts. It’s run by a Board of Directors that steer the organization in pursuit of our mission.

In 2017 an initial Board was appointed to get A Stage Reborn running. All subsequent directors (board members) are nominated by all staff then elected during annual meetings. Board members are asked to serve a 2-year term in which they attend monthly meetings that with recordkeeping, decision making, compliance, committee steering and so on.

In addition to planning and producing our activities, part of making arts opportunities more accessible is ensuring everything we do internally is a team effort using communication, collaboration and delegation to make volunteering as staff flexible. We accomplish this through committees that foster teamwork.

When a creative or content-based project is approved by the Board, it is passed on to the Creative Committee. Creative is responsible for the coordination, tracking and accomplishment of our projects with our creative staff. The committee keeps all staff on the same page and is also used to offer opportunities for non-creative staff to lean and try creative roles.

Activities and planning pertaining to community efforts go through Community to keep all staff on the same page and collaborate on our outreach efforts. The committee is responsible for coordinating promotional efforts, event planning, helping with livestream planning, managing special programs for the public (Patreon, VIP) and communicating public feedback to the team.

An important aspect of running a nonprofit is to ensure we have the resource to pursue programs and activities that further our mission to make the arts more accessible. The Fundraising Committee’s purpose is to help our team recognize the importance of fundraising, to plan fundraising efforts and to promote to the public why and how to support our organization.

I don’t know, is a doctor role-playing when you use an iPhone app to get a virtual consultation for a prescription because they’re trying to make medical services more accessible simply because they’re doing it over a chat app? Hmmmmm.

In all seriousness, a lot of people confuse what we do with role-playing when it’s not. We encourage it, some of our team even participates in it on their own; however, A Stage Reborn’s programs and activities are different than say, participating in a role-play. In role-playing, you take on a character and act out that character in some kind of plot with an environment. There are rules, guidelines and expectations. Anything not in that “universe” is “out of character” speech and usually separated. A Stage Reborn doesn’t do any of that.

When we’re having board meetings, building sets, running rehearsals and performing activities, we don’t assume characters. These are all real things. We have industry professionals and experienced staff that apply industry methods, standards, processes and expectations to our activities. There is no “out of character” – these are real people doing real jobs and running activities the same way you would expect to be run at a visual and performing arts center, a creative and gaming convention, a real life theatre troupe, a real life indie film studio, and so on. The biggest difference from “real life” is that we encourage and accept accomplishing these things worldwide using virtual and remote means as a legitimate way to pursue the arts experience.

Getting Involved

We are always happy to have participants in projects. Check our the talent page for opportunities! We also are always open to applications for staff positions. For staff openings, please check out our recruitment page. You can also send a resume to or contact HR at any time.

Generally, a participant is someone who participates in projects like theatrical productions as an actor, crew member, usher and so on. These are temporary experiential volunteer positions based on one specific project geared.

A staff person is someone who has joined the team in a permanent position that assists with not only project work, but the day-to-day operation of the nonprofit itself. Staff are expected to do actively help on a regular basis, attend meetings and participate in business decisions. The time and expectations required of staff is often higher than that of project participants.

For participating, we only ask that you have access to the internet, abide by our rules and the rule of the platform of the project if applicable. Generally, we will require parental consent for minors to participate in activities like theatre productions in an online game. Staff position require the applicant to be at least 18 or older. Anyone from anywhere can volunteer as we are predominantly remote and don’t have a location requirement.

Donations, Financial & Legal

We’re a Washington state nonprofit and a federally registered 501c3.

We must collect certain information for legal obligations (for reporting to the IRS, for example) from donors and may collect information from staff and volunteers as needed. The information will be held closely by the organization and only used as necessary related to the way it was voluntarily provided.

Fair use is the right to make some use of copyrighted material without getting permission or paying. It is a basic limit on copyright law that protects the freedom of expression. Fair use generally applies to use that is (1) noncommercial and not-for-profit; (2) transformative adding or changing meaning to the original; (3) limited, not copying the original in its entirety; and (4) doesn’t substitute the original. It is a weighing of factors, and we believe the work we do using visual and performing artworks along with digital interactive mediums, like using a MMORPG to put on a professional-quality theatrical production to teach and promote the arts, qualify as fair uses based on all the factors. It should be noted that while we do our best to ensure what we do is legitimate, fair use is a defense and so small organizations based on transformative works are often at the mercy of for-profit corporations with funds to spend on legal battles.

Nope! We’re a nonprofit, so any revenue we get goes directly into the organization itself to support the work the organization does. We’re entirely volunteer meaning, including our leaders, get paid to do this. Our official Conflict of Interest policy is based off the IRS’s recommended policy for nonprofits.

A Stage Reborn uses funds to pay for goods, services and necessities that volunteering alone can’t accomplish (like operating costs and administrative fees.) Funds also cover costs related to hosting, software licenses and other necessities for the team to create, maintain and expand successful work on projects within the organization.

As a 501(c)(3), we are required by the IRS to have 33.3% of our support from the public (including other charities and government grants.) Public support through individual donations is important to our continued status as a nonprofit.

These are close approximations and their impact the team worked together with our fundraising team and PR team to determine. Costs can vary and change, but how the funds will be used won’t change. They’ll only be used to further our cause. Here’s how:

• At $61/Mo ($732/Yr) we’re managing overhead. We’re a real nonprofit with real expenses: domain, filing fees, virtual office, business mailing, etc. By being a 501(c)(3) we’re able to cooperate with companies to arrange, license and safeguard arts opportunities, gain better access to teachers and teaching materials, and form a stronger foundation to be an organization to teach, learn and appreciate the arts both IRL and online.

• At $81/Mo ($972/Yr) we can give 1 of our creative staff Creative Cloud. As a 501(c)(3), we get Adobe Creative Cloud at a steep discount. This allows our artists to art, our media editors to edit, and gives clerical staff other tools for administrative work. At $521/Mo ($6,252/Yr) we can give everyone the software needed for volunteer management, grants, community management, creative, etc.

• At $331/Mo ($3,972/Yr) we can send 2 staff to run 1 convention panel. Panels promote the arts by showing the public how projects like ours can be used for visual and performing arts opportunity in not just creativity, but for IRL work experience too. For +$250/Mo (+$3,000/Yr) we can run +1 panel.

• At $3,331/Mo ($39,972/Yr) we have our sights on renting a small theater to conduct IRL+VR workshops, offer a safe space for creativity and learning in a local community. This would be a huge boost to our mission to provide arts opportunities! The above are close estimates based off fundraising planning.

If you have questions about donating or you want to know how donations are handled, please don’t hesitate to ask our team!

The Board with guidance from the Treasurer and finance team are responsible for reviewing, discussing and recommending budgeting. The Board makes budgeting decisions in accordance with its fiduciary obligation.

As a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, we are subject to state and federal regulation dictating our fiduciary duties, recordkeeping needs, reporting requirements, labor standards and so on. We are scrutinized by not only the public, but also the IRS and the state of Washington, our incorporated state. We have a number of internal safeguards such as voting, policies and transparency. We’re required to report to the state and federal government on an annual basis. Where applicable, A Stage Reborn makes records and documentation available to the public.

Yes, in the United States. Donations to A Stage Reborn are deductible with a retroactive status dating back to our date of incorporation which is July 23, 2016. If you are located outside of the U.S., you should consult with a tax advisor to see if a gift to A Stage Reborn is deductible under your local laws.

Head over to our donation page for instructions and thank you!

Something not answered here? Email Staff@AStageReborn.com your question!