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You can make charitable donations online to A Stage Reborn through the PayPal Giving Fund, PayPal.Me, Streamlabs and Muxy.

Streamlabs (PREFERRED) donations are direct donations that also trigger a live notification on our livestreams if we’re broadcasting.

Network For Good (PREFERRED) donate online through Network for Good and it goes directly to us – you can even choose to remain completely anonymous!

PayPal Giving Fund (PREFERRED) is a way to give directly to A Stage Reborn and they handle the receipt process for you! In the event there’s a problem and A Stage Reborn cannot receive the funds, the donation goes to another 501c3 with a similar purpose so you’ll still be doing good for charity.

PayPal Direct and PayPal.Me are direct payment feature to PayPal. We prefer you go through the PayPal Giving Fund; however, this is an alternative option available to you if you don’t want to use the PayPal Giving Fund.

Muxy donations are also direct donations that trigger a notification at times, generally through Nightbot or an overlay on our streams; however, we may not always have Muxy turned on depending on the stream.

Patreon subscriptions are charitable donations that give perks to subscribers! Rewards depend on the tier you donate. Click the link to check out the page and learn more!

Note: Most Patreon tiers give Discord perks, so be sure to tie your Discord account to your Patreon account and join our Discord server!

You can run your own fundraiser on Facebook. Just select “Raise Money” then “Nonprofit” and search for A Stage Reborn in the search box! We’ll get the total amount raised sent to us directly from the Network for Good!

You can also use the Donation Sticker on Instagram and select A Stage Reborn as your charity to run a fundraiser in your own Instagram Story!

You can request your employer match a payroll donation to us! Talk to your employer about setting this up if they have an employer match program. Even something as little as a $5 match per pay period helps significantly! If your employer needs our 501c3’s information, click here.

We’re a charity on Tiltify, so you can run your own charity drive for A Stage Reborn! You’re free to conduct or participate in these and other third party fudnraisers on your own but please note:

  • We can’t officially endorse a third party fundraiser because it’d create a legal issue, but individuals are free to use tools like Tiltify to run a fundraising campaign for A Stage Reborn! You don’t need our permission to run a Tiltify campaign!
  • If you do a fundraiser, we’ll certainly thank you publicly for fundraising, the amount and thank you and give recognition to the participants (if named with permission)!
  • If someone is running a third party campaign, we can’t guarantee we’ll get funds and we’re not responsible for advertisements and claims by third parties. As with any donor drive, it is at your own risk. We hope that people will be honorable as they are in most charities though!
  • Individual receipts for part donations wont be made if the proceeds are not made directly to the organization or if the proceeds are forwarded to the organization as a lump sum from the third party.
  • Do you need fankit assets from us (logo, banners, etc.?) Get in touch with our team via and we’ll be happy to help you out with official materials to use!

Everyone uses Amazon. Why not use it for charity? They’ll donate a portion of your purchase to our nonprofit! (Don’t forget, you can link Amazon Prime to Twitch and subscribe to our Twitch channel every month for free!

If you use HumbleBundle for games, software and goodies, be sure to switch your charity to A Stage Reborn when you check out!

We prefer donors use digital methods that are safer and more reliable than sending cash donations; however, we can accept cash and money orders. If donating with a check, we do require your contact information (full name, address, phone, email) so we can contact you in the event an issue arises. If you require a receipt for your donation, please provide your information when making the donation and ask, or contact Staff@AStageReborn to verify your donation and request one.

Donations can be mailed to:

115 N 85TH ST STE 202

While you’re able to support us with the paid subscriptions offered on Twitch and YouTube as well as paid support like Twitch Cheers (Bits) and YouTube SuperChats, these are actually not considered charitable contributions due to the commercial revenue sharing with those platforms.

We won’t say no to users who want to interact on these platforms through paid support, but understand they’re not tax deductible and can’t be our primary form of public support. We highly recommend supporting through Streamlabs if you want on-stream recognition for your contribution!

You can donate with a voice request to Alexa! Just say, “Alexa, make a donation to A Stage Reborn” to get started!

Using a Google Assistant device (Pixel, Home, etc.)? Just say “OK Google, make a donation to A Stage Reborn” to get started!

If you’re on our public Discord server, we offer novelty Discord benefits like sneak peeks, early access and messages from the staff for donors that use the Patreon platform if you’ve connected your Discord account using this service.

A description of the benefits of each tier can be found here on Patreon.

Just Follow & Share! Help spread the word! If you like what we do, show us by following, liking and sharing our posts! It not only helps let us know we’re getting things right, but it also helps spread our mission across social media better. We can only reach so far, but you can help us reach out to those we haven’t about our programs, activities and cause. Be sure to especially like, subscribe and share from our Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Discord. Our Discord community is very important to our mission because it’s a platform that gives us the ability to tear down some of the difficulties of creative collaboration online with its unique creative and gaming features. If you already have Nitro, consider joining and Nitro Boosting our server since the benefits impact everyone in it!

A Stage Reborn is a 501(c)(3) arts charity making arts experiences and opportunities more accessible by providing non-traditional ways to engage in traditional arts like theatre, creative writing, art, music and more!