Where can you donate?

Run a Tiltify Campaign
A Stage Reborn is on Tiltify! If you want to go beyond support and help spread the word of our mission and what we do, giving supporters can host their own campaigns through Tiltify for A Stage Reborn! Are you campaigning for us? Tell us, we’d love to see and hear about it!

PayPal Giving Fund
In addition to showing our verified charity status, these donations waive PayPal transaction fees for donors and give you a PayPal Giving Fund tax receipt for you to use when you file your taxes. In the rare event A Stage Reborn cannot receive the funds, they’re directed towards a similar charity with a similar purpose. If you shop through Humble Bundle, we’re selectable as a charity as Humble Bundle utilizes PayPal Giving Fund charities for donating!

PayPal (Direct)
Direct donations through PayPal adds the option to set up a recurring contribution to our organization.

A less-complicated direct donation through PayPal, but doesn’t have the same customization as the others.

Google Charities
If you search for us on Google, you might see a donation button pop up. We’re registered to accept donations through Google, too!

Streamlabs (Stream Overlay)
Streamlabs donations are deductible and come with the benefit of being broadcast on our stream if we’re live when you make your donation! Streamlabs donations allow you to type out a custom message that broadcasts onto our stream as well, so it’s a fun way to engage with us while contributing to the cause!

Tip via Muxy or Tip via Streamtip (Chat Broadcast)
Muxy is an alternative tipping service to Streamlabs with a different integration. Our tips received from Muxy are announced in the stream chat via NightBot as well on our Discord’s #livestream channel.

Looking for our subscription service? Head over to Patreon!

Charitable Contributions. A Stage Reborn is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity in the United States and charitable gifts to our organization are deductible. For donations over $250 you must contact our organization to obtain a written acknowledgement before you may claim that deduction on your tax return.

Donors that Receive Value. We may have charitable activities in the future that involve the donor receiving something of value in return. This will be accompanied with a statement to help donors estimate the deductible portion of a donation (or in some cases, a statement that there were no good or services of value provided like how our Patreon perks function.)

What do we do with the donations? A Stage Reborn has strict policies requiring gifts and funds the organization receives to further our purpose. Law also requires the funds to be used towards our charitable activities and not for private gain, so rest assured all donations go towards maintaining our organization and its activities.

A note about Twitch. Unfortunately, subscriptions and cheers through Twitch are not deductible according to their website; however, alternate forms of giving during a stream, such as Streamlabs, are still valid.