Special "World" Events Online!

A Stage Reborn hosts special events in games like puzzles, contests, games and holiday specials to boost creative involvement through online communities. Check out posts about some of these “World Events” below!

Aperture Lab #FFXIV Screenshot Contest!

The A Stage Reborn Team has managed to unlock a path that leads directly to the monstrous robot beneath The Lavender Beds 8th Ward, Plot 28 on the Diabolos (Crystal) realm in Final Fantasy XIV! Stop by and get creative with /gpose, abilities, emotes and object clipping to get your best boss battle scene! To submit your photo(s) to the contest you must post them on our Discord server (discord.gg/AStageReborn)

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Aperture Lab No. A5R (Savage) has arrived!

A Stage Reborn’s finale to the first ‘World Event’ trilogy, Apeture Lab A5R, is here! Delve into the dilapidated mainstage theater and conquer the challenges that await you. Put your creative gaming skills for some fabulous prizes! This event will challenge your music, emote, character movements and A Stage Reborn knowledge ending with a massive real-time and tabletop RPG style battle against the A5R machine! How to Participate There are

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[Holiday] Lunatic Pandora (Halloween)

On October 21st through 23rd & 28th through 30th, A Stage Reborn opened the doors of a special seasonal player-made event: Lunatic Pandora! Inside there were various chambers with fun acts. We tried to replicate a “real” haunted house in-game for the community. We served over 200 community members and had several repeat-visitors during the haunted tour event. For those who were unable to make it, we created this archive

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