Performance Cycles

The goal of A Stage Reborn Sings! is to give everyone the opportunity to learn, practice and hone vocal performance skills in an accessible way. Individual and collective group talent will vary between cycles; however, the overall lessons will include music theory, sightsinging/eartraining, music history and appreciation.

  • A concert piece or pieces will be picked for each cycle.
  • Singers will be selected from sign-ups submitted.
  • Each cycle will be taught workshop style over several weeks.
  • Each voice part will be recorded and mixed.
  • The performance will be released on our YouTube.

O for the Wings of a Dove, Felix Mendelssohn


We accept and consider all applications on a rolling basis even after casting each cycle. No experience is required; however, come with a willingness to learn and be prepared to sing! We’ll announce information about auditions, cycles and progress on this page along with completed material to watch. Check out the dropdowns to learn more about the process and Sings! performance cycles. We will use a mix of voice calls, Discord and recording to coordinate individual and ensemble work. We highly recommend and will use Audacity and MuseScore for those that need free recording and notation software. • (Audacity) • (MuseScore)
i.e, User#0000.
We’ll want to know what your vocal range is for distributing music; however, if you don’t know, select “Unknown” and we’ll work with you on this.

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