About A Stage Reborn

A Stage Reborn is a 501(c)(3) arts charity making arts more accessible. In pursuing our mission, we take on the challenges of creating unique and meaningful non-traditional engagement in literary, visual and performing arts. We are headquartered in Seattle, Washington but our team and activities are remote work-from-home friendly and global-reaching.

Our programs are designed to give alternative ways to benefit from what the arts have to offer and take on challenges that often exclude individuals from traditional creative experiences such as those with disabilities and socioeconomic challenges.

We began in 2015 making professionally run virtual theatre programs on the online video game Final Fantasy XIV to give people a new way to become stage actors before officially registering as a nonprofit arts charity in 2017. Over the years we’ve gown to include voice projects, media, table readings, workshops and career development opportunities.

Our organization relies entirely on public support both in staffing and donations. All funds are used solely for maintaining and creating public arts programs.