What is A Stage Reborn?

A Stage Reborn is a community organization dedicated to creative gaming and the arts. Watch or participate in a variety of activities such as contests, video productions, and live in-game theatrical performances!

Originating in October 2015, the organization has continually bolstered creative content through these activities as a meaningful and worthwhile way to give back to an amazing gaming community. Our mission is to use gaming as a platform for teaching, sharing, and promoting the arts.

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Our events are open to everybody! We're not a Free Company or a role-playing group. We're just a band of players who advocate for the arts through creative gaming. Experience in visual and performing arts is not required to participate and enjoy what we have to offer. All we ask is your willingness to engage and get creative with us!

Keep an eye out for updates on our Discord, social media and website about upcoming activities, or check our the archives to see what we've done in the past! In serving the community, we have shared over half a billion gil in prizes and numerous gift codes. We plan to continue rewarding players for their creativity.


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