A 501c3 Nonprofit for the Arts

A Stage Reborn

What do transformative works, digital mediums and learning opportunities have together? A new path for the visual and performing arts experience. Our nonprofit prides itself on developing and pursuing opportunities that make the arts experience more accessible in a holistic sense -- from bringing live theatre to your favorite MMORPG to using digital tools to bring together creatives and creators, we are A Stage Reborn!


But why stop there?


We continuously review the opportunities transformative works and new approaches to the arts experience bring. We work with our staff to provide experiential learning so those who don't have the means to step on the digital stage can still gain valuable experience in the arts. We work closely with professionals in the real world to work towards offering digital programs that actually teach the skills, terminology and expectations you use in the real world. We may even break out of the screen every once in a while to do something in real life!

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