More Accessible Arts

A Stage Reborn was founded to make arts opportunities and experiences more accessible. We take the time to consider specific situations, niche ideas and transformative works to organize programs and activities that change the idea of what can be a "stage" for the visual, literary and performing arts. What began as a group of online creatives inspired by video game theatre turned into a charity that helps the world see that access to visual, literary and performing arts, including the educational and workforce development opportunities the arts provide, are just as important when delivered over technology as they are in their traditional brick-and-mortar mediums.


During the early years, it was difficult to explain to people that something like teaching acting techniques over a massively multiplayer online role-playing game was an arts experience. Lead by professionals with real life experience on traditional stages, early participants learned about acting and the theatre while on a video game. It became one of our greatest successes, but not without struggle. We soon found ourselves having to prove our purpose and mission over and over to those that didn't believe that the arts had any validity when delivered using technology, games and so on. Our programs grew to tackle other areas of creativity and even empower those who volunteered to support our mission by serving as staff by providing these volunteers with flexible remote opportunities as career stepping stones seldom found anywhere else.


What many don't realize is that people struggle with disabilities, socioeconomic factors and other issues that prevent them from being able to physically stand on stage for rehearsals. Even with the ADA and other pushes for affordable shows, there's only so much you can do to accomodate. What happens to those who aren't afforded a chance at creative expression in a way that works for them? These people should not be told they will never be an artist, actor, musician or creative. These people should be empowered and given an opportunity to engage in the arts in a sustainable way that works for them, even if it means breaking traditions and pushing the envelope of what constitutes the arts.


That's where you come in. Your support as a donor, a participant or a staff member in our charity helps prove the validity of transformative arts like the kind we realize to empower the public with access to arts opportunities and experiences. All the funds we receive go towards developing these programs and activities to address public need and demand. We work hard to ensure our programs aren't just entertainment, but instead are educational and focused on giving participants a tool kit to carry forward in the future of their creative expression. Every day our team wakes up thinking about new ways we can pursue making arts opportunities and experiences more acceptable, and with your help, those ideas will become real. From conducting professional theatre in a video game to using the internet to unite artists and musicians worldwide, we create A Stage Reborn!

In one of our projects, community gamers were taught literature, technique and given the opportunity to perform Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night Dream” live using an online game Final Fantasy XIV in front of hundreds of audience members.